Inside the Origins of “EDM” With the Man Who Coined the Term—And Transformed It Into a Global Movement –

It was a Tuesday night in London when Richard James Burgess found himself on the doorstep of Blitz for the very first time. He was dressed in ripped jeans and a t-shirt, surrounded by people with “amazing clothes and amazing hair.” Unbeknownst to Burgess at the time, that door was, in reality, a gateway that … Read more

Album Review: PORCUPINE TREE Closure/Continuation

Last year’s announcement of Closure/Continuation It was certainly surprising and exciting, but it was also kind of inevitable. After all, prog/art rock quartet Porcupine Tree (arguably the most beloved cult band in modern music) went on hiatus shortly after they released 2009’s The Incident. Founding vocalist/guitarist Steven Wilson embarked on an lucrative solo career while … Read more

Foo Fighters, Post Malone, Coachella & More

Here’s the latest on the live events front, which includes everything from new music outings to comedy and festival tickets. Get details on newly announced tours from Post Malone, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood’s The Smile, Foals, and Mary J. Blige, plus Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins tribute shows, and on-sale information for Coachella and Rolling … Read more

These Are The 10 Best TOOL Deep Cuts

Artistic, obscure and experimental, there has never been a band quite like Tool before. Content to navigate their way through the music industry on their own terms; Over the course of three decades they’ve sporadically released albums, put on an massive live shows and have accrued some of the most passionate fans in the biz. … Read more

Technological Innovations Reinforce EDC Vegas As a Blueprint for the Future of Music Festivals –

Despite being one of the festival circuit’s most established brands with over a quarter century of success, EDC is defining the festival landscape of the future with greater impact than ever. While it had only been seven months since the conclusion of EDC Las Vegas’ 2021 edition, the Insomniac team didn’t hesitate to bring several … Read more

Meet The Rave Ref, a Peacekeeping Partier Who Guards Moshpits to Keep Ravers Safe –

This isn’t your average Little League game. Wendell Dominguez knows that raves can sometimes get dangerous, especially when DJs overtly call for moshpits and “walls of death.” So he decided to start a persona called The Rave Ref, who dons a whistle and referee shirt in his mission to foster safer experiences in moshpits at … Read more

Swardy Explores the Complex Intricacies That Make Us Human In Audiovisual Album, “Compact Objects” –

Using new technology to explore the world during a time of forced isolation, Swardy delves into the complexities of what makes us unique on his new album, Compact Objects. A passionate traveler finding himself sidelined due to the ongoing pandemic, Swardy dove headfirst into 3D animation to cultivate new opportunities for adventure. With no experience … Read more