Tom Smith (new album ‘Drifter Days’, with Daniel Bulatkin Trio – Czech Republic) – London Jazz News

London-based saxophonist Tom Smith has a new double album ‘Drifter Days’ with a trio led by Czech pianist Daniel Bulatkin. The launch will be at Pizza Express Dean Street on Monday 23 May. ‘drifter days’ was recorded after a nineteen-date tour of venues and festivals both large and small in the Czech Republic in 2019, … Read more

‘An Englishman In Love In LA’) – London Jazz News

Vocalist, actor, entertainer. West Midlands-born Richard Shelton has a complex relationship with Frank Sinatra. Captivated from a young age, he developed an affinity with Ol’ Blue Eyes that has lasted a lifetime. He has played the part of Sinatra in ‘Sinatra: RAW’ and ‘Rat Pack Confidential’, performances which won him acting awards both in the … Read more

Yuki Negishi – Melanie Spanswick

Today’s guest writer is no stranger to my blog; Japanese pianist Yuki Negishi has written many articles chronicling her pianistic journey to date and you can read them in my Blog Archives, under Guest Post Series. In this post, she describes her most recent project; the recording of her new album, Enigma. I’m both honored … Read more

Five Unforgettable Moments From Red Bull Guest House During Miami Grand Prix Weekend –

There’s more to Red Bull than the caffeine boost. It’s no secret that the prolific energy drink brand has successfully parlayed its consumer appeal into a thriving lifestyle brand making its name synonymous with discovering the many thrills life has to offer. There’s arguably no better testament to the success of the company’s ventures off … Read more

These Are The 10 Best BEHEMOTH Deep Cuts

Having started their career churning out pure black metal in the city of Gdańsk, Poland, over the course of 30 years Behemoth have grown to become arguably their country’s finest musical export. It’s not been without controversy however, with band to this day facing backlash from the religious conservatives in their home country (and abroad). … Read more